My Friend Mike O'Malley Wrote A Sonnet 'Bout Me

It's not everyday that someone writes a sonnet for you. I'm not going to lie: it made me feel real special.



Thou - a laughing daughter of two Ports

Doth in two realms a warm catharsis render -

In words (thine blog) and deeds (the acting sort)

Thou makest dread itself more passing tender.

A saying's made a platitude by years.

With over-watering, its petals droop.

But thou, with thine frank record of thine tears

Saved a doomed metaphor - Chicken Soup.

I know the hand that holds thee to the ground -

How oft, indeed, it tries to push thee in.

But as thou pushest back, you've likely found

We fellows 'neath the hand, too, dare to grin.

May you always make Depression jealous

And e'er outpace its hand, Miz De Ornelas.

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