Vision CoacHing

Sessions + Pricing


Radical Perspective Make-Over

A one-hour session focused on perspective transformation – $195

Change your perspective, change your life. We're so accustomed to the stories we have been told (by our parents, by society, by our peers) that we've made them our own. Often times, these stories hold limiting beliefs based in no real evidence, and it's hard to see what's real and true. In one-hour, we'll take a deep dive into the old beliefs that are holding you back from living your vision, make radical changes in your perspective, and break ground on the path to your new life.


Breakthrough Package

3 one-hour sessions focused on Clarity, Action, and Results – $450

By committing to these three sessions, we'll make real headway on clarifying what no longer works for you and what an authentic life looks like to you, i.e. your vision. We'll set realistic goals and start taking manageable but impactful actions that will yield results. In my experience, these results show up in more areas of your life than we were even focusing on-- career, love, social, and other unexpected places! 


Reality Check

30-minute dose of support, suggestions, and of course, reality – $115

You've set the goals and are out taking actions like the bad-ass that you are, but you still need support, someone to be accountable to, and help riding the waves of your new evolving life. Think of these sessions as a check-in, to be scheduled on the regular for accountability purposes or whenever you need a quick reality check.


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"She was a mirror and a guide..."

Rebecca is an effective and skilled coach. Her astute observations helped me identify and address long-standing unproductive and exhausting patterns of behavior.  She was a mirror and a guide, and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with her.–  Marcy Etlinger

"she gave me clarity and actionable steps toward achieving my goals..."

I have been stuck in a rut for a very long time, focused only on surviving and with a limited view of what might come next. I knew I wanted something more, but struggled to describe what “more” was. With a series of pointed questions about my interests, work, and life experiences, Rebecca helped me drill down through the detritus of my survival brain and discover the kernel of what I want to achieve. She really listened and helped me cut through a lot of uncertainty. What's more, she gave me clarity and actionable steps toward achieving my goals. I was able to see these smaller actions as part of a larger journey toward something better. Rebecca managed to get me inspired again and gave me a much needed sense of hope. I highly recommend any of her coaching and guidance services! – Jessica Mannion